Welcome to the New Face of the GBCCU!!

We help grow the seeds you sow..

Kiddies Early Start Savings

Give your child a firm, early start today by making that precious one a member of our Kiddies Club. All Kiddies Club members receive special interest on their savings every year up until the age of 16. They also receive special deductions on the purchase of their text books, among other incentives.

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Vehicle Loans

Have you seen the car you want but don't think you can afford it? And are you tired of standing hopelessly at the bus stop waiting to get to your destination? Let us help you get that vehicle you need to regain your independence.

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Thinking about building a Home??

Building or buying a home is the dream of many people. It is also the largest investment you may ever make in your lifetime. The Grand Bay Credit Union (GBCCU) is committed to turning your dream into a reality.

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Welcome to the Grand Bay Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

The leading financial institution in the south of the Commonwealth of Dominica, based in Grand Bay and serving also the communities of Tete Morne, Dubique, Bagatelle and Petite Savanne.

We help grow the seeds you sow!