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Members of the GBCCU can receive this unique-type loan, of up to thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) that can be extended at any time once regular repayments are made.




Have you seen the car you want but don't think you can afford it? Are you tired of standing hopelessly at the bus stop waiting to get to your destination? Let us help you get that vehicle you need to regain your independence.


  • Vehicle must be insured with full comprehensive coverage

  • The Insurance Policy must be assigned to The G.B.C.C.U

  • Compulsory saving of $100.00



  • Report by reputable and approved appraiser/actuary (in case of used vehicle)

  • Documents from owner expressing willingness to sell to buyer and at what price (in case of used vehicle)

  • 20% of amount of loan on savings

  • Certificate of Title

  • Assessment of Vehicle

  • Bill of Sale​


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Building or buying a home is the dream of many people. It is also the largest investment you may ever make in your lifetime. The Grand Bay Credit Union (GBCCU) is committed to turning your dream into a reality.


· Have Insurance coverage for the building- the Policy assigned to G.B.C.C.U

· Installments to include Insurance Premium

· Disbursement made only after evaluation by the Society's valuator or         qualified valuator and certified of relevant insurance.

· Loan must be used within three (3) months of approval

· Compulsory Saving of $100.00


· 5% of amount of loan on savings

· Certificate of Title

· Valuation of Property

· Approved plan from Planning Division

· Copy of Construction Contract


· Cost Estimate of proposed building

· Building Insurance (can be added to loan)

· Proof of employment

· Last salary Slip

· Credit reports from other Financial Institutions

Other Loans

Share Cover Loan:

A Share Cover Loan can be obtained by a member whose loan requirement amount is within his /her savings. With the Share Cover Loan you do not have to tap into your hard earned savings to buy the things you need. Use your savings to secure your loan.

Single Payment Loan

This loan is payable three (3) month after it was issued to the member. The maximum amount that can be disbursed is two thousand dollars ($2000.00).

Concurrent Loan

Two or more loans are serviced at the same time. A member with an existing loan from the CBCCU may apply for and be granted another loan if he/she meets the requirements.

Secured Loan

A Secured Loan is given on security offered by the member in addition to other criteria; such as the member's credit history with the GBCCU. Such loan must be secured by one or more of the following and preferably in the order stated:

  • Applicant own regular saving account, which shall be 10% of the amount requested.