Start Saving Today!!

Start your Child  Kiddies Club Today and save for College!

 “An early start is a smart start”



  • Introduce children to cultivate the habit of early saving.

  • Introduce children to early understanding of Credit Union concepts and philosophy.

  • Prepare children to be potential Credit Union members.

  • Encourage parent to give their children an early start.

  • To establish a strong relationship between the Credit Union and children in the Southern District.

  • Prepare and assist kids to obtain leadership skills.



Give your child a firm, early start today by making that precious one a member of our Kiddies Club. All Kiddies Club members receive special interest on their savings every year up until the age of 16. They also receive special deductions on the purchase of their text books, among other incentives.

To register a child, simply pick-up and fill-out the Kiddies Club Application Form from our credit union’s front desk. The Club member requires a compulsory savings of a minimum of only $5.00 per month per child. Below are the listed benefits, requirements and objectives. The Grand Bay Credit Union Kiddies Club was established in June 2003.





  • All members receive special interest on savings annually until attaining 16 years.


  • Special deductions on text books.

  • Member’s accounts could be withdrawn, in emergency cases on approval by the Manager.

  • Special programme for parent.



  • Application for membership to the club should be made by parent/guardian on a form provided.

  • Applicant should be between the ages of 0 to 16 years.

  • This account must begin with a minimum of $5.00.

  • Should make a compulsory savings of not less than $5.00 monthly.

  • Withdrawal shall not be made from the Account until kids have attained 16 years.

  • Upon attaining the age of 16 the account should be transfered to a regular savings account in his/her name with the consent of the parent/ signatory.