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Germaine Victorine Jno Phillip was born in Grand Bay on the 28th day of January 1970. She attended the Grand Bay Primary School and then went on to the Wesley High School where she graduated in 1988.

She had a passion for learning and being in sync with current global situations. She pursued many programs to remain current during her tenure as manager which impacted the Credit Union in its growth and development.

In 1991, Germaine started her career at the Grand Bay Credit Union where she served as a Teller, Loans Officer, and last of all Manager where she served from 2003 until her passing on July 10th, 2013.

Germaine had a big heart, was quiet, strong in nature, and was an unusual courageous individual. Her warm personality drew many people to her and she embraced and treated everyone as equal. Since she was so Community-oriented being the Manager of the Grand Bay Cooperative Credit Union no longer was a job to her but rather a passion. Germaine served with distinction. The success of the Grand Bay Cooperative Credit Union today can be attributed to her trustworthiness and leadership skills. “Germaine was just a phone call away”.

Germaine did not only serve people, she was a lover of Cricket and Calypso. Her sense of humor also smiles and warmth to her heart. Germaine enjoyed a full life, most of all she loved her family and devoted her life to caring for them.

It is safe and correct to say that Germaine and her God had good things in common. She was an active member of the St. Patrick’s Parish and served on the Parish Council and Church Committee. Her life was a miracle and her death a mystery. She will surely be missed by all who knew her and most importantly those who worked with her.

The Grand Bay Cooperative Credit Union has implemented and maintained an Education Scholarship Programme to the Dominica State College in the name of the late Manager,

Mrs. Germaine Jno Phillip.

Two (2) scholarships are offered. One based on Merit. One based on need. 


Applications for the scholarship should be addressed to the manager and will be solicited soon after the publication of CSEC results.



                                                         1 st YEAR           2 ND YEAR
Books/uniform/transportation     $1,250.00            $1,250.00


  • Members or children of members of the Grand Bay Credit Union.

  • Applicants should have gained entry to the Dominica State College


  • The student must complete an application form and submit it to one of our branches.

  • The student must provide a copy of his/her CSEC result slip.

  • The student must provide two referees.  One of these should be a person familiar with the student’s academic background while the other should be familiar with the student’s non-academic background and activities. (parents/relatives are not eligible to be referees)​​​​​​​​


The privilege of holding the “Germaine Jno Phillip Memorial Scholarship” carries the
following responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 and above.

  2. Report to classes regularly.

  3. Observe the rules and regulations of the Dominica State College.

  4. Co-operate with teachers/lecturers/facilitators at the Dominica State College.

  5. Present a report to the manager at the end of each semester.

  6. Return all textbooks to the society at the end of each school year.

  7. A minimum of 8 hours per month of voluntary work at the Credit Union.


Failure to adhere to the above may result in termination of the scholarship.


  • The application must be a member or child of a member at GBCCU Ltd. for TWO (2) years.

  • The student to whom this scholarship is awarded should be of sound mind and
    maintain a good character.

  • The parents/guardian of the student should not be a delinquent members.

  • The student should not be the holder of another scholarship by the Government or any
    other organization.


The scholarship may be terminated for any one of the following reasons:​

  • Serious misconduct

  • Continued unsatisfactory academic performance

  • Unacceptable absenteeism

  • Serious delinquency by the holder’s parents/guardian

  • Cessation of membership by either the holder or his/her parent/guardian


Visit any of our branches or call us at

(767) 446 - 3500

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